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Top 73:
Italy flag 50.6%Italy (9290)
Unknown flag 20.0%Unknown (3672)
Rep. of Moldova flag 7.0%Rep. of Moldova (1293)
United States flag 6.9%United States (1262)
Russian Federation flag 4.3%Russian Federation (788)
Ukraine flag 2.6%Ukraine (478)
Germany flag 1.4%Germany (256)
Sweden flag 1.4%Sweden (254)
France flag <1.0%France (170)
United Kingdom flag <1.0%United Kingdom (162)
Seychelles flag <1.0%Seychelles (104)
Poland flag <1.0%Poland (65)
Switzerland flag <1.0%Switzerland (59)
Netherlands flag <1.0%Netherlands (53)
China flag <1.0%China (52)
Belgium flag <1.0%Belgium (46)
Spain flag <1.0%Spain (37)
Turkey flag <1.0%Turkey (34)
Lithuania flag <1.0%Lithuania (30)
India flag <1.0%India (20)
Austria flag <1.0%Austria (16)
Israel flag <1.0%Israel (15)
Romania flag <1.0%Romania (15)
Belarus (Byelorussia) flag <1.0%Belarus (Byelorussia) (11)
Bulgaria flag <1.0%Bulgaria (11)
Brazil flag <1.0%Brazil (9)
Japan flag <1.0%Japan (8)
Czech Republic flag <1.0%Czech Republic (7)
Finland flag <1.0%Finland (7)
Greece flag <1.0%Greece (7)
Latvia flag <1.0%Latvia (7)
Norway flag <1.0%Norway (7)
Thailand flag <1.0%Thailand (7)
Indonesia flag <1.0%Indonesia (6)
Kazakhstan flag <1.0%Kazakhstan (6)
Luxembourg flag <1.0%Luxembourg (6)
Canada flag <1.0%Canada (5)
Australia flag <1.0%Australia (4)
Denmark flag <1.0%Denmark (4)
Slovak Republic flag <1.0%Slovak Republic (4)
Hungary flag <1.0%Hungary (3)
Ireland flag <1.0%Ireland (3)
Lebanon flag <1.0%Lebanon (3)
Philippines flag <1.0%Philippines (3)
San Marino flag <1.0%San Marino (3)
Slovenia flag <1.0%Slovenia (3)
South Africa flag <1.0%South Africa (3)
Taiwan flag <1.0%Taiwan (3)
Vietnam flag <1.0%Vietnam (3)
Algeria flag <1.0%Algeria (2)
Argentina flag <1.0%Argentina (2)
Croatia/Hrvatska flag <1.0%Croatia/Hrvatska (2)
Egypt flag <1.0%Egypt (2)
Mexico flag <1.0%Mexico (2)
Morocco flag <1.0%Morocco (2)
Saudi Arabia flag <1.0%Saudi Arabia (2)
Serbia flag <1.0%Serbia (2)
Singapore flag <1.0%Singapore (2)
Colombia flag <1.0%Colombia (1)
Cuba flag <1.0%Cuba (1)
Former Soviet Union flag <1.0%Former Soviet Union (1)
Georgia flag <1.0%Georgia (1)
Iceland flag <1.0%Iceland (1)
Iran, Islamic Republic of flag <1.0%Iran, Islamic Republic of (1)
Korea, Republic of flag <1.0%Korea, Republic of (1)
Kyrgyzstan flag <1.0%Kyrgyzstan (1)
Madagascar flag <1.0%Madagascar (1)
Malta flag <1.0%Malta (1)
Monaco flag <1.0%Monaco (1)
Palestinian Territories flag <1.0%Palestinian Territories (1)
Portugal flag <1.0%Portugal (1)
Sudan flag <1.0%Sudan (1)
United Arab Emirates flag <1.0%United Arab Emirates (1)
18347 visits from 73 countries

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B&B Casa Losea

Nestling in the green heart of Umbria, far from the urban centers, we find our modern B&B "Casa Losea". It is situated strategically near the main E45 road. This road allows our guests to reach all the tourist and commercial destinations of central Italy. Our B&B offers you an unforgettable stay with country itineraries; both short and long, on foot or by mountain bike, just what you need for a healthy holiday. Relax from the stress of the daily routine both mentally and physically. We offer you the type of holiday which is ideal for rediscovering your reading, writing and meditation skills. You can choose from 3 different apartments, all with private bathrooms, balcony and dining area/lounge. Internet connections and free Wi-Fi are available in all apartments. Outside we have a large garden and a play area for children, both ideal for relaxing in the open air. A private car park is available for our guests. A short drive will take you through the green, Umbrian countryside to the most beautiful mediaeval towns nearby: Deruta, Perugia, Gubbio, Assisi, Spello, Todi, Spoleto... all of which can offer you a delightful day out, or even just a couple of hours in unique surroundings.


A Natural Way To Relax

Our B&B has a working agreement with the new Equifan A.S.D. Riding Stables, situated in nearby Fanciullata. On horseback you can enjoy the green Umbrian countryside in a new and relaxing way. The stables offer riding lessons and excursions on horseback for a moderate fee.

Our equine friends, Francesco, Tex and Shila are a delight to both children and adults as they take you through the countryside, accompanied, of course, by qualified and enthusiastic instructors.

Should you wish to go Pony Trekking, our friends will come to the B&B for you.